PANDORA Spring Collection 2016

Say hello to the beautiful Spring Season with Neil & Barker as we introduce PANDORA’s nature inspired Spring Collection 2016. Celebrating the personality & uniqueness of Women, the all-encompassing nature of PANDORA offers unlimited opportunity for personal expression by offering designs with the highest quality materials which are as #UniqueAsWeAre.

Flowers are an age old symbol of spring as they begin to bloom with their sweet aromas and colourful displays that Mother Nature adorns all around us. Poetic Blooms delightful designs such as the Springtime Charm, a highly detailed miniature garden with white flowers and pink butterflies capture the true spirit of spring’s life forming beginnings.

Poetic Blooms Springtime Charm and Poetic Blooms Stud earrings are a posy of sparkling white and pink enamel flowers with the versatility to wear on your bracelet or necklace in white and soft pink enamel on sterling silver bring the daisies and cherry blossom to life – a joy to wear.


Pandora Poetic Blooms Poetic Blooms                        Springtime Charm



Poetic Blooms Poetic Blooms Stud Earrings



The Sweet Pink Bouquet Set is a set of 4 Pale pink and white enamel consisting of a delicate cherry blossom, daisy, pink rose and white triple daisy with the most feminine and classic style.

Pandora Pink Cherry Blossom Flower Ring Item # 190879EN40 Daisy Flower Ring Item # 190899EN12 Pink Rose Ring Item # 190905EN40 Triple Daisy Flower Ring Item # 190900EN12 Pink Cherry Blossom                       Daisy Flower                       Pink Rose                              Triple Daisy



Adorn your bracelet with the iridescent purple or pink hues of the faceted Murano glass Charms which change colours depending on the viewing angle. The Glittering Heart Charm has the most delicate shade of iridescent pink with a whimsical playful feel.

Pandora Glittering Heart Charm 791886EN113 Glittering Heart Charm 791886EN113



Like the sun shining on tiny droplets of water illuminating your finger, the dazzling Poetic Droplets Rings capture the true meaning of spring with their glistening sparkling centre stones and buff top, creating the perfect centrepiece to your ring stack.

Pandora Poetic Droplets Ring Poetic Droplet Rings



Dazzling Daisy Fairy Charm with your very own fairy and the delicate combination of cream-coloured petals while the blush pink centre of the Blooming Dahlia ring gives a perfect statement of femininity.

Pandora Dazzling Daisy Fairy Charm 791841EN68 Dazzling Daisy Fairy Charm 791841EN68



Pandora Blooming Dahlia Ring 190985NBP Blooming Dahlia



As we continue with the floral celebration there are Shimmering Bouquet, Cherry and Apple Blossom. The iridescence of the hand finished enamel gives a soft glow like hue to these joyous bouquets which you will want to wear for any occasion be it a casual of formal one.


Pandora Shimmering Bouquet Ring 190984CZ Shimmering Bouquet



Cherry Blossom Clip 791826EN40 Cherry Blossom Clip



Forget me nots symbolizing true love and their sterling silver blooms embellished with twinkling purple stones.


Pandora Forget Me Not Ring 190991ACZ Forget Me Not Ring



Pandora Forget Me Not Stud Earrings 290690ACZ Forget Me Not Stud Earrings



The Luminous Hearts Collection sees inlays of mother of pearl with 14k accents and not forgetting the vintage style of Luminous Elegance featuring white freshwater cultured pearls and dazzling stones for an everlasting ageless look.


Pandora Luminous Hearts Necklace 590521MOP-45 Luminous Hearts Necklace 590521MOP-45



Pandora Luminous Hearts Ring item 190998MOP Luminous Hearts Ring 190998MOP



Pandora Luminous Hearts Stud Earrings 290697MOP Luminous Hearts Stud Earrings



Pandora Luminous Elegance Earrings 290694P Luminous Elegance Earrings 290694P



The days gone by era continues with the addition of the Vintage Letter Charms and their ornate scrolling openwork detail and Romantic typeface offer unlimited possibilities to spell out your name or favourite word to eternalise on your bracelet.


Pandora Vintage Letters Pandora Vintage Letters